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Luxury Service - Events Management

Our service was created with the idea to satisfy every your need in the organization of personalized events, professional interpreting services, transfers, shopping service with style and professionality, holidays, touristic guide and days of relax.
You will in the center of our attention in all aspects of your life: social, personal and professional.
Our service is available for one day, for several days or for a few hours. Booking it in advance and providing us detailed information, you will enjoy a more precise and accurate service.
Trust yourself to us and be drived by the perfection, professionalism and class.

About Me

After I graduated in languages and finished fashion school in Minsk, the capital of my country of birth, I worked as a model for several years in Belarus, Russia and Europe.
My love for culture, travel, my organizational skills and love to be in contact with people has helped me to develop the potential to work with several travel agencies and companies of events managment.
My passion for fashion, beauty and class led me finally to found the department where I have gone into all my professional skills and knowledge to soddisfy your needs at the highest quality standards.


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